Musicologie van de Keltische en naburige stijlen

[Auteur: Ben Dijkhuis][Laatste update: 03-01-2018][Hoofdstuk: Cultuur- en muziekhistorische onderwerpen: De Keltische kerk]

Ymnus Sanctii Patricii

(Trinity College Dublin, Irish Liber Hymnorum, nr. 31, fol.32
Engelse vertaling: Rev. John R. Shaw )

Ecce fulget clarissima Patricii sollempnitas
in qua carne deposita felix transcendit sidera

Qui mox a pueritia diuina plenus gratia
uitam cepit diligere dignitatis angelicæ

Hic felici prosapia natus est in Brittania
perceptoque bantismate studet ad alta tendere

Sed futurorum præscius clemens et rector dominus
hunc derexit apostolum Hiberniæ ad populum

Erat nanque hæ insola bonis terræ fructifera
sed cultore idolatra mergebatur ad infima

Ad hanc doctor egregius adueniens Patricius
prædicabat gentilibus quod tenebat operibus

Confluebat gentilitas ad eius sancta monita
et respuens diabulum colebat regem omnium

Gaudebatque se liberam remease ad patriam
qua serpentis astutia ollim expulsa fuerat

Quapropter deilectissimi huius in laude præsulis
psallamus Christo cordibus alternantes et uocibus

Ut illius suffragio liberati a uitio
perfruamur in gloria uisione angelica

Laus patri sit et filio cu spiritu paraclito
qui suæ dono gratiæ misertus est Hiberniæ
Behold, brightly shineth Patrick's festival,
Wherein, having put aside the flesh, Happy, he passes through the stars.

Who at once from boyhood Filled with divine grace
Began to love the life Of angelic quality.

He, born of lineage In Britain,
And having receive baptism, Strives towards the heights.

But He that knows afore things that are to come, The merciful Lord who rules all
Directed him as an apostle To the people of Ireland.

For this isle was needed fruitful in the good things of the earth,
But by worshipping idols, Was being sunk into the Abyss.

The illustrious teacher Patrick, coming hence,
Preached to the gentiles, By works, that which he held.

The tribesmen flocked to hear his holy admonitions
And rejecting the devil Worshipped the King of all.

And he rejoiced to have made his way Back to a fatherland now free,
Whence the serpent's wiles had once been driven out.

For which cause, O beloved ones, In praise of this hierarch
Let us hymn Christ in our hearts Alternating with voices too.

That by his intercession Freed from vice
We may enjoy in glory The angelic vision.

Praise be to Father and to SonWith the Comforter, the Spirit
Who, by the gift on his Grace has had mercy on His Ireland!